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About 3D

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We perceive depth because our brains are constantly receiving two slightly different images from the right and left eye and fusing them to see 3D images.

In order to reproduce this depth perception with 2D pictures, two different images must be provided, one to the left eye and one to the right. The brain is then fooled into “seeing” depth in the otherwise flat pictures.

There are a number of ways to view 3D images, but they all rely on one image going to the left eye and a slightly different image to the right. This separation may be done through polarized filters, colored filters, or physical isolation of what each eye can see.

(If you do not own a pair of red/cyan glasses, send a note with a SASE to 3D Glasses, PO Box 227, Forest Knolls, CA 94933 and we’ll be happy to send you a pair.)
On this site, you will find several different ways to view the 3D photographs and videos. These are represented by a series of icons.
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Anaglyph: The familiar red/cyan glasses use colored filters to separate what each eye sees. Please note that the colors of the photo or video will be altered by the glasses. You can see the true color by viewing with the 2D option.
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Parallel Free Viewing: For those who are able to view without glasses, this option presents the left view for the left eye and the right view for the right eye.
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Cross Free Viewing: This cross-eyed method presents the left view for the right eye and the right view for the left eye.
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2D: Not everyone can see 3D, so there is an option to view the material in 2D.
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